Piuraagiaqta! Spring has sprung in Barrow

It was Piuraagiaqta this past weekend.  Piuraagiaqta is the Spring Festival.  It usually winds up getting cold that weekend, but this year it was not bad at all.

Friday and Friday night were very windy.  It was so bad that the Snowbird Cleaning folks got stuck at the BARC and had to be pulled out.  We were going to have lab, but the combination of the blocked drive (which meant that we’d have to park and climb over the drift) and an afternoon hockey game for some of the students meant that there really wasn’t enough time to make it worthwhile.  I did go over for a while, and it turned out to be a good thing, because Josh (one of the UICS ARM techs) got a little too far into the drive when he came over to check the radar, and I had to help him get out.

View to the BARC from where I parked. The blue truck is Josh's.

Snow drifts blocking the drive at BARC

We went to the parade.  It started with Miss Teen Top of the World and a color guard.

There were vehicles and floats from many organizations.  They were all tossing candy, which kids and grown-ups alike gathered up.

NSB vehicles. Miranda Rexford-Brown picking up candy.

Kids watching the parade.

ASRC float. Part of it was made by some scientists a few years ago for a July 4th parade.

Miranda holds a bag for her girl to put her candy in.

Vernon Rexford and his family had a bunch of beautiful Malemutes in the parade.  There were 9, I think, all walking on leashes and wagging their tails.  It was up to about 14F and by the time they got to us, they all had their tongues out.

Vernon Rexford and one of the Malemutes.

On Saturday afternoon, I got to some of the games. There were tea making races,

a race with sleds (crews have to pull a sled to a pile of gear, load and secure it, and run it back) and a new event which was a race where the participants bounced along on the big floats used for whaling.

There’s a horrible bug going around Barrow right now.  My husband got it, so we stayed home Sunday, which gave me a chance to do some work on he presentation for the SAAs.  Josh drove the Kubota on tracks to the BARC on Sunday.

2 responses to “Piuraagiaqta! Spring has sprung in Barrow

  1. You got better pictures than me. Well done!

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